Privacy Policy

This site is a hobby site, not for profit by Phil Holden. You can contact me here . I am informed by the Information Commissioners office that I don’t need to be registered with them.

This site does not collect visitor logs within the site software. The server may as a side effect of being a web server collect this data but it isn’t looked at or used in any way.

The only personal data collected by the website is that requested when you post a comment. This is your name, IP address and email address. I need to continue to collect this in order to ensure that comments are coming from real people and to give me the opportunity to ban certain IP addresses if they become problematic. That data is not transmitted securely. It is as secure as an email but no more. It is not stored particularly securely but the security is commensurate with the risk. If I had to provide a higher level of security this would increase costs and I would have to either stop accepting comments or close the site.

I will only email you with regard to a comment or if you ask me to.

If you are not happy with this please don’t post comments.