Gunter Roxane

I recently wrote to Nigel Irens about the Roxanne class. I was asked by one of the regular visitors to this site to put him in touch with Roxanne owners as he had some questions before proceeding with the prospective (possible) purchase of one of these lovely boats.

I realised that I’ve only ever heard from one owner Cees Verhoef, who owns “Mischief”, and asked Nigel how many Roxanes have been built today. His reply is below and along with the reply came some photographs of a gunter rigged Roxane and permission to put them onto the website. The rig looks very powerful but for me putting a gunter rig, with roller reefing, on a Roxanne is a little bit like putting a tractor engine in an Aston Martin. Maybe I’m missing the point.

I don’t know myself how many boats have been built. I believe it may be 14 ROXANEs in GRP, but only one or two wooden ones so far. The first wooden boat was built for a guy from Falmouth. We drew him a Gunter rig for the boat – which seems to work well (although the look is certainly less striking I would say compared to the standing lug.

The build was comprehensively reported in Watercraft by her builder, Dick Phillips.

Gunter Roxane
Gunter Roxane beating
Gunter Roxane in light airs

    1. Philip Oliver says:

      This is going to be featured – finished – in this month’s Watercraft.

    1. Harvey Young says:

      There is a very beautiful version with two masts,gaff rig, bowsprit and bumkin, often seen in Chichester harbour. Grey colour hull, can’t remember the name, maybey ‘Grey Goose’ or similar. Delightful yacht.

    1. Peter Southern says:

      That’s Grey Merlin; still going strong, based at Cobnor in Chichester Harbour. Standing lug on both main and mizen. Lovely!