SVP Romilly Cabin

Sometime ago I promised you and some other Romilly-builders to send some pictures of the interior of my Romilly-cabin.

Here they come.

You all know that the Romilly-cabin has a rather Spartan-like interior. But when you build an SPV-Romilly and use the longer variation of the cabin, then there are some chances of getting some more “civilisation” into the boat.
Well, judge for yourselves and take a look at the pictures. I even made a chart-table in the cabin front! And I didn’t forget the whisky-glasses.

Rinus Alberti
Skipper of “De Scoonheijt van Oele”

    1. Steeve Keating says:

      Lovely! Is this a short cabin version? Are there any Romilly craft sailing in the US?


    1. Rinus Alberti says:

      Hi Steeve,
      Most woodcore-builders chose for the long cabin version and “elongated” Ed Burnett’s drawings (frame F5 60 cm backwards). That long cabin was introduced by Lyme Regis Boatbuildingschool in the ’90 years (see the Watercraft-issues). I thought Bill Bucholz in Finland built the woodcore short cabin version. Bill claims to have the fastest Romilly, but I suppose probably not because of the short cabin.
      There are three woodcores in the Netherlands, those from Karel Heijnen, Liesbeth Schellens and mine. And there must be some woodcores in Great Britain, but I have no information from them. Till now I’ve never heard of a woodcore Romilly in the US.
      All other “production” Romilly’s come from the Bridgend- or the van Veen-wharfs and they deliver no other than the short cabin version.
      If you want the long cabin version than you have to (let) build a woodcore Romilly.

      Rinus Alberti

    1. forrester b valle says:

      Greetings from Maine USA. Congrats on your launching, Sure is pretty. Im building a woodcore here in my yard. No engine and vry spartan accomodations.Pictures to follow.Cheers