New Romilly Launched

Thomas Huber launched his beautiful cold moulded Romilly, now named Anna Sofia, last week. He has very kindly and I suspect with a very large dollop of understandable pride sent me some pictures of the event. The images are so beautiful I have decided to publish them all but have split them into two sections. This one focuses on the launch. The second will include more detailed shots of the decks and cockpit.

Everything went perfect, and she prooved to be a wonderful little ship. Lowering her centerboard dampens her rolling motion very much, and with only little wind (2-3 beauforts) we logged 4 knots. As we changed the position of her ballast to account for the inboard diesel I was particular happy to see that she float to her lines perfectly.

She now is back in the boatyard for the final equipment. Electrics and pressurized water is already installed, but there still are the ice box and the bimini to come – very import for sailing trips in Greece. Summer will us find the in the Pagasitic Gulf, and I hope to report happy sailing adventures from there.

Beautiful Romilly on trailer
Romilly Anna Sofia on trailer
Preparing for launch
The launch of Anna Sofia
RY53 sails away
RY53 sailing to windward
Romilly lines at jetty
Romilly close to the end of the rainbow

    1. Philippe Galland says:

      Waoow! She certainly looks like a Stradivarius.
      I’d like to see how you’ll arrange the bimini. Thank you to post us some picture when it’ll be completed. Congratulations anyhow.