Wanted & For Sale

I’ve been contacted by a couple of different people recently asking about availability of boats so I’ve decided to start a thread on this subject to act as a notice board. If you have a boat for sale or want to add your wanted section please use the form at the bottom of this page.

The submissions are not immediately published and I’ll remove email addresses (more to protect you from spammers than anything else). You can me and I’ll pass on your email to the other party.

To kick this off I’ll paraphrase the contents of the enquiries I’ve recently had.

1. One reader was looking for a nice later inboard version but I think he was so taken by Thomas Huber’s lovely cold moulded boat that he may go that route.

2. Stephen from Scotland is keen to buy a second-hand Romilly in the UK.
“I’ve been looking around the web & got nowhere – I don’t suppose you have any idea where there might be one for sale.” Also if anyone would be prepared to loan Stephen their pride and joy for a consideration he would love to sail her in the more sheltered waters off Scotland’s West Coast.

3. Patrick from France is looking for a day boat, with the possibility of a night or two on board ,and having considered trailer sailers like the Cornish Shrimper he has settled on Romilly as the most beautiful compromise. He plans to sail from St Malo in Brittany (lucky man) but is too busy to contemplate self build. From his email it sounds like he hasn’t fixed his mind on GRP or wooden hull. If you are thinking of selling your boat please contact me with details and I’ll pass them on to Patrick.

If you want to add your wanted or for sale to this list please email me with the details.

    1. Colin Burnet says:

      Romilly No 9 for sale based west coast of Scotland. Please contact me for further details.

    1. Michael Hurley says:

      I too am looking to purchase a Romilly for use in South Devon.

    1. David Shannon says:

      I have been waiting for the right moment to purchase a Romilly and am interested in hearing from sellers. I also have a 18ft Norseboat, similar in concept but lighter that I would be willing to trade.

    1. Phil Holden says:

      Hi David,

      Where in the World are you?

    1. David Shannon says:

      Hi Phil,
      Sorry for the delay, I am in Somerset. Contact d.shannon@firenet.uk.net

    1. Philip Oliver says:

      For Sale
      Romilly no. 33. Black hull new Honda 5hp outboard and new cover. Ticktack wind, speed, depth. Sails laundered this year. Road and launching trolley. Good condition throughout.
      Afloat now but will be out of the water for inspection at Thornham nr Emsworth.

    1. Vince Powell says:

      I would like to try and find a used SVP Romilly or perhaps have a Hull Built to fit out myself. If anyone can assist, I would be very grateful. I live in the Southeast UK. Many thanks.
      Vince Powell.

    1. Philippe Galland says:

      Happy owner of Romilly N°7 Augustine, lying southwest of France, I’m considering a Roxane if I can find a used one. If any please call.
      (Then Augustine may be for sale)

    1. Niall says:

      Happy owner of Romilly 32 in Marseille would like to know where Happy owner of No 7 is in soutwest France…..

    1. Carl says:

      Romilly #30 is back on the market @ £23k. Sadly things didnt work out the way I expected. Full spec as when she was called “Barmy Owl”. Now SSR registered as “Sarah Louise”. Location Ibiza any inspection. Buyer to collect, delivery could be arranged at cost.

    1. Bruno says:

      Sarah Louise, romilly 30 is now moored in south france, close to Spanish border. Hi to all happy romilly owners!

    1. John says:

      If anyone can help me track down a reasonably priced Romilly I would be very pleased to hear from them. Regards.

    1. Shiner says:

      I’m looking for a second hand Roxane. I’m in south east UK

    1. Oliver Williams says:

      Looking for a second hand Roxanne , I am in. Wexford Ireland . Have an inboard Cornish Shrimper V.G. cond.

    1. Alan Wilson says:

      I live on the West Coast of Scotland and am interested in buying a second hand Romilly. I would like to move quickly and buy before the middle of May!

    1. Léo-Alain says:

      Looking for a used Romilly on the Canadian-American east coast from Montreal down south to Florida including Florida’s weat coast- Mexico gulf-. Any info would be appreciated.

    1. Jon Brett says:

      Does anyone know who moulds the Roxane in fibreglass since the bridgend boat company went into liquidation.

    1. Ben says:

      It would be good to know what happened to the molds.

    1. vincenzo says:

      I am looking for a romilly spv, possibly the version with the larger cabin.
      many thanks,

    1. Peter Andresen says:

      I am looking for a Romilly to sail in South Devon. Anyone got one for sale?

    1. Iain Taylor says:

      I have a Romilly for sale in the Netherlands and would be quite happy to bring it back to the UK for a good home. See the For Sale tab on this site.
      Kind regards

    1. Nick Guttridge says:

      I’m looking for a Roxane, this week I am travelling to Holland to view one. But it has been decked in teak which sounds lovely but the extra weight might be an issue for performance. I have a beautiful wooden 20 foot sloop with excellent sails and a 1gm10. Just too small for my family.